Friday, May 29, 2015

180 days of food storage

So my husband wanted to do a blog on what 180 days of food looks like. I was uninspired but I did it to humor him. First of all I learned that the food adds up quickly. We picked up rice $11 for 20lbs at a time and it just keeps adding up. So at first it was like whoa we have an extra day of food. But by dips and dabs it has all added up because we started. You can do this too JUST START! You don’t need a great plan, just a start. In an EMP, like "One Second After" there is no help coming and that little extra you save now could be the difference between life and death.

We bought six cases of ramen on our last Sam’s club trip because we eat it all the time. It is one of those foods that stores indefinitely and it is cheap, light and easy to stack. For us It is one of the rare things all four of my kids, and my husband like the only person who isn’t crazy about ramen is me and that is only because I don’t like it plain.  I also don’t like plain oatmeal, so as you can see I made sure to store the important add ins like butter. My butter is home canned. We have been doing that for over a decade. I guess it technically Ghee but you get the point make sure you have the accessories to make your food palatable. Like with the seasoning and gravy packets this is going to go a long ways to help get those beans and rice down after days and weeks of eating it. Also you need to a hard copy of your simple recipes. The crazy thing about an EMP is being cut off from all my on line resources.

Another thing I seriously need to consider is the water. This menu takes six cups of water at least to cook every single day, if you times that by 6 that is 36 cups daily for my family of six. Wow. So I really need to think about my plan A, Plan B and plan C on potable water. I think this is might be the most important thing that I learned. 

Oatmeal ½ cup dry                                         150                                 27000
Butter 1 tbs                                                    100                                  9600          6lbs canned
Brown Sugar   1 tbl                                         45                                  11910            7lbs
Raisins                                                             30                                   4290             3 canisters
Maple syrup        1 tbl                                     56                                 10080          3 containers            

Ramen is a great soup base for adding leftovers or an egg into, but those are more foraged things than food storage. So my hope is that all found calories find their way onto the lunch menu.

Ramen   1 package                                       340                                         61200            5 cases            

Dinner is very basic, rice and beans can be bland, but the can also be very versatile as well. Most major cuisines has rice and beans as a staple flavor so adding salsas helps give it a Mexican flare, soy sauce or sweet and sour and you have Chinese flavors, Even some regions of Italy use rice more heavily than pasta. You just need the foundation set and then you can get creative on how to dress up your food,

Rice    1 cup                    340                       61200         36lbs  
 Beans 1 cup                   100                        18000        30lbs
Veggies 1 can                   70                         12600       180 cans
Gravy/season packets     100                         18000       180 packages
Butter    1 tbl                   100                           9600       6lbs
Salt   2lbs

So here is enough food for one person for six months. This person will be eat about 1400 calories a day. The total calories shown is 243,480 calories. I am hoping that this imaginary person is able to glean some calories to flavor all that ramen!

After, One Second After


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