Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One Potato two potatoes three potatoes more!

I recently read a survival list on the 15 things to do if an EMP hits. One item was eat like a King/Queen. Whereas this might be great for a beginner I’d like to suggest a few better ideas that scarfing everything down in your freezer and fridge in one night. Plan A: use your car battery and a dc to ac power converted from Walmart to extend the life of your freezer and fridge Plan B: put up some of your meat this takes experience and methodology and practice to use a pressure canner and a means to cook it, plus supplies. Plan c take out all your produce and regrow what will regrow. One such item is potatoes. As you can see I like to stock up in fall when potatoes are $1 for 10 pounds and any that are not eaten are saved for spring. 

This spring we haven’t gotten our potatoes in due to the huge amounts of rains we are getting. So we are on our plan B with them. Plan b included using tubs that we used for food storage that are starting to crack and break down. The process is pretty simple.

Make sure to leave some bottom integrity
cover holes with paper 

 Chose your potatoes
Cover with a layer of dirt. proceed to cover as the plant grows. 

Moral of the story PLANT FOOD WHEN AN EMP HITS!

After, One Second After

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