Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The best steak ever

So we know that salt is hugely important so much so that that historically it has been money, it has had wars fought over it and well we are told to store a whole lot of it in our food storage. However why are we storing this mineral? Do we know how to use it to safely preserve food? Yea we use a bit in our pickle recipes but what about salted pork and brined beef? Well of course we are researching those options, Jas. Townsend & son have some great youtube videos and sell reproduction cooking items. Of course along the way Wayne got sucked off track in youtube. I know shocking it never happens to me as I am always off track if I am on youtube. Any way he was watching a few videos on dry aging beef.
So after watching a few videos we decided to give it a try. The premise seems logical. Meat is sold by the pound, all grocery store meat has added water to make it cost more. Dry aging the meat removed the extra water. We tried it with some steaks we aged them 8 days. We took a dish filled it full of salt, added a rack over it, put the steaks on the rack and put it in our extra refrigerator. We did get some discoloration but the steak smell very good not spoiled or musky or alarming in any way. The steak was much firmer and dryer. After we cooked it the steak was juicy but not bloody like usual. The taste was indeed deeper and beefier. The best bite on my steak was one of the more deep colored areas that also got a good sear in cooking. So we are going to try our experiment again for my birthday dinner.

Our hope is to store our meat using salt as a preserver and if we don't have refrigeration maybe we can make a fake fridge? Life without refrigeration Susan Gregersen her is a link to her book

After, One Second After

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