Saturday, May 2, 2015

Todays Sam's club haul

Day 63, One Second After.
 As I have previously stated my husband and I have been preparing for whatever comes a long for about ten years. So when we are reading along “One Second After” we were completely shocked by chapter nine, day 63. By this time there have been 1500 deaths in Black Mountain and 500 in Swanannoa as stated most are Elderly but at this point starvation is gaining as a killer. He says that 90% of the population has run out of their own supplies and are receiving rations from the town government. My heart broke as Professor Matherson talked about how parents starved to death before their children. I had never imagined and as I look at my food storage all I could think was “We are still eating bacon!” So how would we still be eating bacon 63 days into the world ending? We because my husband and I have 35lbs of canned bacon. We also have a huge amount of bacon in our freezer. Which would be great if we have a generator in a Faraday cage. Which we don’t. But the one we want is $300 at Sams club and it should just fit into a metal garbage can. 

As we were reading the book together I started talking to my BFF about food storage again and on April 15, 2015 I sent her pictures on my two refrigerators and freezer. For us the most important thing we need is for our Chevy Suburban to be up and running after the EMP so that we can use it a make shift electrical generator and keep our fridges and freezers running. Our current plan is to run the truck, attach our DC to AC power convertor to the battery (per the model we currently have) then plug the freezer/fridge into the DC to AC power converter. Voila we have frozen food still. We will talk about how we are keeping or getting our truck up and running after a EMP in a later blog as we are still figuring things on that but the ONE THING that makes the difference between life and death for us is having the truck running to maintain our frozen food.

So what does it take to survive? It takes cold hard calories. Today we went to Sam’s club and shored up some of our needed supplies. For $314.12 we bought a grand total of 1,108,870 calories which will supply my family of six 10,000 calories a day for 110 days. These are not balanced calories as they represent what we currently need at this time and are added into what we currently have.


If you are a new to food storage I recommend two things A book by Lisa Bedford “Survival mom” and a youtube class by Wendy DeWitt.

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