Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to listen to the book for free!

If you are interested you can listen to "One Second After" by William Forstchen on youtube.

You can buy it from Amazon too.

After, One Second After

Why I am writing this blog?

   My husband and I are long time preppers, however not as successful as we would like. Often we come across things that spur us back into action. We recently read “One Second After” by William Forstchen. The premise of this book is that three warheads are detonated over the North America and the resulting Electro Magnetic Pulse completely knocks down most computer circuitry. This affects everything from the whole power grid to the delicate circuitry in your wrist watch, unless of course it is a wind up. The book follows Professor Colonial John Matherson Ret. USARMY around his small home town in the hills of North Carolina.

The general purpose of this book is to try to wake Americans up the delicate balance that is our common daily life. For us even as preppers of ten years we compare what we have accomplished to the needs outline in this fictional work and found ourselves wanting. But more importantly we know better and there are quite a few things that we can do as frugal, or poor preppers that would go a long way to keeping our family alive, healthy, and dare I say even comfortable. As we read along in the book we were asking ourselves, “Why didn’t they do this or try that?” Which was all good and fine until we realized that there were so many things that if we found ourselves in a similar predicament what we would have wished we had prepared. So we are stepping up and preparing for Mr. Forstchens worst nightmare.

The road we are choosing to motivate ourselves is by writing fanfiction. By actually transplanting our current situation as of 04/18/2015 into his story we are war gaming what we would do or could do in this story. We have set some rules for ourselves which is basically if we have it we can use it in our fanfiction. If we don’t have it we need to get it to include it in our story. So the blog is going to be a mash up of things we have already done, Fanfiction we write and the upgrades we making to our lives and property. 

Our hope is to inspire you not to just be aware of the clear and present danger but to take it that next step and was clearly not addressed in the book on what you can do to maintain your family if this horrible event were to befall our nation.

After, One Second After