Sunday, May 3, 2015

We got a dog!

So as we read through the story one thing we decided early on was that we wanted a dog. The relationship between the family and their dogs was important particularly on day 63 when the house is broken into and the dogs give enough notice that they save the family. So we started looking for a puppy. We have actually been talking about adding a pet to our family since before Christmas so six or seven months. So on Saturday April 25th we drove by the free pet spot and nothing. However the next day we found a very young puppy in our front yard. We live rurally there aren’t really any houses around us. The one across the street is empty and an old couple lives in the other so nothing close enough for a young puppy to have escaped from we also found puppy on the inside of our fence too. So as far as we can tell God sent us a puppy.

It is imperative that now that we have our puppy that we get 6 months to a year of food set up for our new dog Bear, otherwise he will be like every other dog in Black Mountain, food. Which in and of itself is not a bad thing, but we would prefer to have our dog be a guard dog. Presenting our new baby. Bear.

After, One Second After

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