Thursday, May 7, 2015

Testing testing one two three

So I recently read a book called “The one Thing” and it maintains that there is one thing you can do that will make everything else easier or make it so you don’t have to do other things. For us focusing on the EMP situation as written in “One Second After” the one thing I desperately need is some power. The generator we want is $300 at Sam’s club. It should fit in a Faraday Cage made out of a garbage can. However we don’t have that right now so we are trying to work with what we do have. Another thing that would be a huge asset is a car that works. At 1994 and 1997 our cars both are too new to be completely EMP proof but old enough that we can work with them. Particularly our 1997 Chevy Suburban. 

I need power to run my freezer and two refrigerators. We are thinking this can be accomplished using the truck as a makeshift generator. Another means to get power is to scavenge car batteries. Never once in the book does it talk about utilizing the batteries out of the dead cars as an energy source. In fact in the book Jennifer’s insulin is kept at 50 degrees in the back of a toilet when John could have easily scavenged a refrigerator out of one of the dead big rigs and kept her insulin at its proper temperature. Charging the power source of a car battery with his daily drives in the Edsel.

So today we tested using a car battery to run my crock pot. The car battery is currently being charged by a battery saver so we can plug it in to the house current to keep it charged. We have an multimeter attached to the battery to see how it performs. Attached to the battery is our dc to ac power inverter. This has two plugs and a USB port. The crock pot simply plugs into that. As you can see I have our proposed meal set out as well to check calories count and see how much it makes.

The dc to ac power inverter can be bought in the car department of Walmart. Ours cost $20. This needs to be kept in a Faraday cage, as well as the multimeter. I also have a kindle in that faraday cage. It has four movies down loaded, plus all our survival books, and the whole encyclopedia of our religions texts.

Link to my YouTube video on my First Faraday Cage:

After, One Second After

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