Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our car emergency bag: Unloaded

Once upon a time a little over two years ago we had one of those really bad days. We had driven into the city to run some errands. Then we were driving down to Norman to go to Hobby Lobby and Sam’s club. We had just gotten a kindle for the kids and it was the first time we let our daughter use it on the road. After a while she completely vomited all over the kindle all over the car, on her dads arm. It was everywhere. I had just found out that I was pregnant and I was already a bit car sick. So as I was trying hard to hold my roiling stomach I realized. I had had eggs for breakfast. Unfortunately my husband is allergic to eggs and I doubted that would be a good combination. Of course mid-morning on a week day the unthinkable happens we hit a dead stop traffic jam. Heaven have mercy. 

We all survived and we even ran our errands. I had enough stuff in my diaper bag to cloth my daughter in… something laughable. My husband was able to take off the jacket that there was puke on and the kindle survive without any issue. But I was deeply worried about what if I had puked? So after we got home we made ourselves an emergency car bag. This isn’t a 72 hour kit this is just a “what if” bag in the car. After all things do happen. This bag has sat largely unused and unneeded in our trunk for over two years. So we brought it out with the idea to refresh it. 

So what was missing? One outfit. The wipes. The treats. As an added bonus the pants still fit me!
A bag like this can hold anything. The main point of ours was extra clothing for each person, Water. Diapers, and wipes. This doesn’t replace our diaper bag or my purse. Those size two diapers are for my girl who is potty trained. Oh yeah we are not great at refreshing this. But it was still there just in case. 

After, One Second After

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