Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stash those seeds

So you’re a prepper now or maybe you would like to do a small thing to get yourself going. After all those small things will add up over time. I know you like a deal and sometimes if you know you needs something the deal will fall in your lap. My friend just got 20 seed packs for $1 that was $44 worth of seeds!. I was dying of jealousy. But I don’t have to wait for providence I buy seeds all the time. Sure they are not a 20 year plan but in case of an EMP like in “One Second After” it will be nice to at least have seeds to start all those “victory” gardens they talked about. So we can get a pack of seeds for $.20 so that is 5 packs for $1. Each time we go through Walmart I buy more. Conventional wisdom says by heirloom and save seeds. My idea is buy an extra package now and store them in the freezer, save yourself the expense and work of the premium seeds. It is not like it doesn’t freeze around seeds all the time. 

After, One Second After


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