Friday, June 5, 2015

Water: Plan A, plan B plan C

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Here in Oklahoma we are having epic flooding. We have been blessed to not be personally impacted by this deluge, however it does make you wonder about all that undrinkable water. If let us say my well was underwater then it would be contaminated with all the other stuff in that water like stuff seeping from the water treatment plants, whatever in in the engines of the cars floating down stream and dare I say even perhaps a body or two human or otherwise. Water could become a serious issue. Even in “One Second After” they had a show down over the water in the reservoir. So in light of these unusually Oklahoman events of epic flood I am going over my water plan A plan B and Plan C.

Plan A: we live rurally and have two wells. The currently operating well has an electric submersion pump in it which provide ample daily water supply.

Plan B: There is no water coming out of the pipes! We have approximately 80 gallons of water bottles stacked here and there about the house. Most are 4 gallons from Sam’s club.

Plan C: The electricity is out, the pipes froze or a well piece is not functioning, we have a secondary well actually located in our well house that has a homemade, husband designed hand pump made from items that are available from hardware stores.

Plan D: There is no water coming out of the hand pumped well. We have two very brown ponds on our property, plus another across the street and a running stream about ½ a mile down the road. Down the hill and back up again. This a horrible option as we only have a water bottle type filter and that just isn’t going to cut it in a real live emergency.We would have to come up with a make shift sand filer and then boil the water.

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